About us

ComputerLand is a leading distributor of computer, technology & gaming products in the region.

Besides representing world-renowned vendors such as Archos, Creative, Disney, Logitech, Razer, Thrustmaster & Wacom; ComputerLand distributes video games published by Activision Blizzard, Bandai Namco, Bethesda, Capcom, CD Projekt, Square Enix, Take 2, Tecmo-Koei & Ubisoft.

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ComputerLand was founded in 1993 as a computer store in Belgrade. Today, ComputerLand has grown into a successful company with an annual turnover of over 20 million USD, employing over 50 skilled, young & creative people.

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Our company distributes products in Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Distribution is organized through a wide network of business partners which includes over 400 dealers, sub-distributors, hypermarkets and retail chains.

Our business processes enable quick ordering, reliable data about products, service and customer support. The relationship with partners is based on close co-operation and mutual profit.

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Our vision is to be the first company to represent and introduce the latest from world leading vendors and thus contribute to the improvement of our society and the advancement of modern-day culture.

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Our well planned & executed marketing activities have reliably contributed to building recognizable branding. We are vastly experienced at presenting manufacturer to business customers & consumers. Prolonged investment in advertising and marketing has proven to be an effective way of transferring the message from vendor through to consumer and our in-house marketing team have an exceptional record.

Our goal is to educate consumers through a variety of marketing activities and provide them modern and next-generation products that meet their needs and desires.

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ComputerLand is a company focused on the continuous training of its partners and sub-distributors, presenting the latest technologies, products and solutions through educational training, seminars and presentations. As we motivate and inform our partners about the latest products we aim at creating a network of people dedicated to the same vision - providing solutions and improving the living environment of consumers in modern-day culture.

Over the past few years, ComputerLand has significantly expanded its product range and increased its presence in the retail sector. We’ve enabled consumers to advance their basic computer systems with up-to-date equipment and devices designed for new applications and specific purposes such as gaming, multimedia, visual communication and SMART devices.

ComputerLand provides support and service for all distributed products during and after the warranty period.

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Following twenty years of success, ComputerLand is a model indicator of partnership and co-operation.

Charity work

As a socially responsible company, ComputerLand is dedicated to humanitarian work. Besides supporting humanitarian actions, we also visit orphanages, boarding houses and other charities.

ComputerLand has sponsored charity sports events, participated in blood drives and equipped houses for orphans with PlayStation consoles, TVs and other devices.

Through these efforts, we try to provide entertainment to the children who typically don’t receive it.